Awarded Grants

We are delighted to have been awarded the following grants:

FCC Communities Foundation £50,000 (Press release)

Garfield Weston Foundation £25,000

National Churches Trust Cornerstone £10,000

Oxford Diocese Development Fund £12,000

Milton Keynes Community Foundation £5,000

Leche Trust £4,000

Francis Coales Trust £6,000

All Churches Trust £3,000

Beatrice Laing Trust £2,500  

ChurchCare with financial support from the Pilgrim Trust and the Radcliffe Trust £2,000

Sabina Sutherland Charitable Trust £1,500

Anson Charitable Trust £1,000

William & Jane Morris Bequest, a member of the Society of Antiquaries £1,000

Carrington Charitable Trust £500

St Andrew’s Conservation Trust £2,000

The Roland Callingham Foundation £1,000