Supporting our church

How would you feel if our village lost its church?

We’re committed to offering a Christian presence in Castlethorpe, but today churches rely on their local community to help with the income they need to maintain this presence.

Churchgoers generously support the work of the church however maintaining our building is expensive and that is why we’re hoping we can count on your support.

It doesn’t take very much money to make a big difference. It’s the regularity of donations that really helps. If you can support our church you’ll play your part in supporting the community of Castlethorpe

If you’re able to help us in anyway we’ll be very grateful, thank you.

What you need to know about the scheme.

  • Donate monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit
  • Increase your donation annually by the rate of inflation, if you’re able to
  • Enhance your gift to us by 25% with no additional cost to you by having Gift Aid added to your giving
  • Give anonymously, if you prefer
  • Donate securely

There are three ways in which you can set up a Direct Debit to donate regularly to your church or parish:

  • Via paper ‘Gift Form’ – Please call or text Nick Fearn our PGS parish representative on 07790529454
  • Via our telephone service on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm
  • Via the Parish Giving Scheme website using the QR code below