Sunday School

You don’t need to go to church for your child to attend Sunday School!

If you’re hesitant to attend mass because you’re afraid your children may cause a disruption (we don’t mind the exuberance of a child at our services) Sunday School at the Village Hall may be a good introduction for you. All we ask is that you stay to supervise your little ones.

Our Sunday School’s aim is to introduce children to church life and Christianity through group teaching and fun.

We welcome children to come along to enjoy story telling, arts and crafts, learning bible stories and more about the church as a whole.

Sunday school runs during term time and is from 9.30 until 10.30. It starts in the Village Hall and ends in the church towards the end of our Sunday service, so your children can show what they have created and for the final blessing!

And after the service feel free to stay after mass and have a cuppa or a squash, a bicky and a natter?

For more information, please contact Melissa King on 07525 668446 for further details.